After a long series of travels around the world, A.Gyay moved to Washington DC in 1978. It was at this time that she discovered the art of painting. A fabulous experience that revealed a complete and complete rebirth of itself, which allowed it to assert itself as a forerunner of modern art.

Painting at the very beginning of her career exclusively works very representative of characters, landscapes and others, upon her return to France in 1984, she began to work only with faces and especially his great specialty were parts of faces. The year 1994 was marked by a radical change in his work. In addition to its sublime collection of faces, a collection of beautiful abstract art is growing year by year. So today, this talented artist has listed a collection of more than 700 works, which grows every day.

Transcendence of colors and materials, projected on panels revealing the expiration of any fire. For the nobility of the eyes, radiating shapes in motion by a simple change of position; just a few steps aside, the work changes dimension. A.Gyay presents a whole new way of painting his differentiated work of these plays of light, judiciously metamorphosed.
Power of the unconscious. Magic of colors and shapes, exploration of the unreal in the present. Shard of light in the depths of a life.